To find a comfortable accommodation is one of the most important things when you study in Victoria. It will help you to study better, socialize more effectively and enjoy life as a student in Victoria.

This part will explain how you should find temporary accommodation while searching for permanent accommodation and other things related to accommodation in Victoria.

Finding for accommodation

As mentioned before, Victoria or Melbourne is currently lack of accommodation. With 0.3% of vacancy rate, it could be said that finding accommodation in this city is very hard.

However, it does not mean finding accommodation in Melbourne is impossible as many (international) students finish their studies at the end of semester, either on December-January or June-July.


These are some steps that you could do in Indonesia to find accommodation in Melbourne.

If you are willing to stay permanently in an apartment or a house for shared or for yourself, you could visit these sites:




4. Student Housing Australia

5. Gumtree


If you are willing to stay in an accommodation provided by your campus, you could visit these websites:

1. Deakin University

2. Holmes Institute

3. La Trobe University

4. Melbourne University

5. Monash University

6. RMIT University

7. Swinburne University

8. Victoria University

9. William Angliss Institute


These are some things that you should be ascertained of before take the accommodation offer.

Have you seen the accommodation? If not, have you seen the pictures of the accommodation?

Where is the accommodation? How long does it take from the accommodation to your campus, to do groceries and recreation? Is there any tram stop, bus stop or train station nearby?

If the accommodation is a shared accommodation, who will you be sharing it with? Find out about them (hint: through Facebook) before take the accommodation.

How is the contract? How long is the contract for? What do you have to do if you want to break lease? How much is the bond fee that you need to pay?

To be noted, you are now ready to explore the city of Melbourne using Street View in Google Maps.

By using Google Maps, you could learn to know the situation around your accommodation before you depart to Melbourne. Google Maps could also show point of interest (POI) located nearby.




If you are familiar with mailing list, we recommend you to join Indomelb mailing list that gather Indonesian community who live in Melbourne. URL: Beside information about accommodation, this mailing list is also used to discuss about academic, daily life and so on.