PPIA Congress 2015

In 4 July 2015, that moment marked the transition of leadership in PPI Australia. The 2013-2014 Aktivis cabinet, which was led by Ahmad Almaududy Amri, was officially being replaced by Cemerlang cabinet under the leadership of Mutiasari Mubyl Handaling for the 2015/2016 period. The leadership transition process itself marked the end of the 2015 PPIA Congress, which was held in RMIT University Melbourne from 3-4 July 2015.

PPIA Congress is the main event in the calendar of PPIA Australia’s activity. The main purpose of this congress is dedicated as the arena of leadership regeneration within the body of PPI Australia. One of the parts of the congress was the ‘Talks’ session with Mr. Nadjib Riphat Kesoema as the ambassador of Republic of Indonesia for Australia, Mr. Bahlil Lahadia as the leader of HIPMI 2015-2018 and also Mr. Muri Thadani, the Chairman of Australia-Indonesia Business Council in Victoria. All of the three speakers, despite of their background differential, agreed that the youth generation is the most valuable asset which the nation has, because they will act as the actor that will receive the nation’s legacy and continue to run the country.


Besides of ‘Talks’, the segment of ‘Best Practice Sharing’ also being held as an arena where each sub-branches of PPI Australia were given a certain amount of time to share their experience and lesson from their own organizational experience. In this segment, it was hoped that every sub-branches of PPIA could learn from one and another.


Another session within the PPIA Congress was an appreciation awards for the branches, sub-branches, individual and best program to motivate continuous improvement for every part of PPI Australia. In the event that was held in the General Consulate of Republic of Indonesia in Melbourne, PPIA Victoria and PPIA New South Wales were named as the first and second winner of the best PPIA branches category. While in the PPIA sub-branches category, the first place was gained by PPIA Melbourne University and followed by PPIA Monash University in the second place.

Then, for the best program award, the ‘Australia Indonesia Business Forum’, initiated by PPIA Monash University, were named as the best education program. While, the ‘Indonesian Film Festival’, which was organized by PPIA Melbourne University, was chosen as the best art and culture program. Furthermore, PPIA Victoria also won an award for its ‘Panggung Merdeka’ event as the best art and culture program.

As a conclusion, the 2015 PPIA Congress Nwas organizing a social dinner. This event was being attended by several foreign students and also ASEAN students who were currently studying in Victoria. Next year, the 2016 PPIA Congress will be held in Canberra, ACT.

You can check the complete album of XXII PPIA Congress here.

PPIA Congress 2017

Kongres PPIA ke-24 dilaksanakan dengan tema “Transforming Millenials”. Kongres PPIA merupakan acara tahunan yang diselenggarakan oleh PPI Australia pusat dan tahun ini diselenggarakan dengan bantuan oleh PPIA New South Wales sebagai tuan rumah.  
Aktivitas kongres terbagi menjadi 2 bagian utama: 

  • Annual General Meeting yang dilaksanakan untuk turunnya kepengurusan PPI Australia 2016 – 2017 dan pelantikan ketua PPI Australia 2017 – 2018  

  • Berbagai konferensi dan seminar dengan berbagai pembicara yang mengangkat tema “Transforming Millenials” 

Award yang dimenangkan: 

  • Ranting dengan dana usaha terbaik: PPIA Melbourne University
  • Program kerja ranting terbaik bidang sosial dan kemasyarakatan: Sobat PPIA, PPIA Melbourne University 

  • Program kerja ranting terbaik bidang rekreasional (seni budaya dan olahraga):Soundsekerta 2016, PPIA Monash  

  • Program kerja cabang terbaik bidang rekreasional (seni budaya dan olahraga): Temu Lawak 2016, PPIA Victoria

  • Program kerja cabang terbaik bidang pendidikan: LDK 2016, PPIA Victoria

  • Program kerja cabang terbaik bidang sosial dan kemasyarakatan: BUAB 2016, PPIA Victoria