Your Safety

Even though Melbourne is nominated as the most livable city in the world and considered to be safe, some bad things still can happen if you are not being vigilant. Below are the steps to prevent bad things happen to you:

1.     Do not walk alone at night times since the number of drunken people there is quite high.

2.     Please do follow the traffic lights all the time. People there are very strict to the law and intolerant to offender. Moreover, the fine of breaking the law is very high; it may cost you a fortune.

3.     Always remember to check your accommodation before going outside. Make sure the stove is off, windows and doors are locked.

4.     If you live alone, make sure you get to know your neighbors.




000 – Emergency call (police, fire brigade or ambulance) Note: call only at emergency.


1800 814 781 – Emergency number from Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), includes ambulance.


131 126 - Poison Information Center


132 500 - State Emergency Service (SES), emergency number when you are outside Melbourne.


1800 33 000 – Crime Stoppers, to give anonymous information to the Victoria Police