Health insurance while you are in Australia is a must, for a student vise holder. In general, you will have the OSHC. Following are our notes to you as an OSHC holder.


With the OSHC care, you do not need to pay for doctor (general practitioner) fees as long as the doctor are listed to do bulk billing to OSHC.


OSHC cardholders are limited to claim for medicine up to $300 per year. The medicine has to cost above $80 and listed on the Australian Medical Benefit Scheme. Please confirm this to the doctor before he gives you prescription.


If you are in an emergency, call 1800 814 781 for ambulance. You will be exempted from the ambulance fees that can be more than $2,500.


Make sure you receive your OSHC card at the university orientation. If you do not attend the orientation, find out where you can get your card.


In general, all you need to have with you when you are about to take the card is identification card. If you lost the card, make sure you write down your customer number and order a new card from