Ilmu Untuk Anak Bangsa


What is IUAB?

IUAB is designed to improve the welfare of children in Indonesia through education provision. This year, the focus is on provision of English and Indonesian languages education for the children in Raja Ampat, West Papua. Beside volunteering to teach Bahasa and English, we also build a learning centre ("rumah pintar") for the children.



The reason for the implementation of this program is because of PPIA Victoria's belief that every child should be given an opportunity to obtain education in order to fulfil their goals. Furthermore, by providing education in English and Indonesian languages, some barriers to communication could be eliminated, which in a way could promote tourism industry in Papua. 


When is IUAB?

PPIA Victoria's volunteers are visting Raja Ampat, West Papua on 15-23 December 2018 to volunteer as teachers and to attend the inauguration of the new learning centre. After that, several foundations are going to run the learning centre on their behalf.



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Contact Us:

Edbert Samuel: +61 432 451 997
Rezlie: +61 426 419 964