BUAB (Buku Untuk Anak Bangsa)


Buku Untuk Anak Bangsa (BUAB) is a program by PPIA Victoria to donate English-language books to Indonesian educational institutions. Knowing that the literacy rate of children in Indonesia is considerably below standard, this program is addressed to provide motivation for those children to read. BUAB focuses on English-language books collection to improve their English-language literacy.

In every PPIA Victoria event, BUAB will always open up depots to gather the donation if ones are willing to. This program would be advertised on website and social media as well. Besides that, BUAB would ask for help from PPIA sub-branches to allocate its member(s) to be the person-in-charge in each depot to collect the books voluntarily. In every two to three weeks, BUAB will collect from them.

BUAB motivation

  • Very few amount of textbooks held by students in Indonesian schools
  • It is easier for the Indonesians who live in Australia to buy English-language book
  • The purchase of English-language books in Australia is less expensive compared to in Indonesia
  • The low enthusiasm for reading in Indonesia

How does BUAB work?

The below chart demonstrates the process of BUAB. It starts from the books collection in Victoria to handing over the books to students.



How do you contribute?

  • Book donation

We accept certain categories of books such as textbooks, encyclopaedia, storybook and education-related magazine. The donation should be given in BUAB depots at PPIA Victoria and PPIA Victoria sub-branches’ events. Donation could be given to our volunteers from the PPIA sub-branches in Victoria.

  • Volunteer

Volunteers are divided into two categories. The first category is Victoria-located volunteer. The other one is Indonesia-located volunteer.

  • Financial donation

In form of finance, donation would be used to cover operational cost of book delivery from Victoria to Indonesia. Our bank account detail is as followed:

Account name : PPIA Victoria
BSB                      : 063019
Account No.    : 10528188


Contact Us

If you have any inquiries or interests, please send us an email to buabvictoria@ppia-vic.org or call:

  • Kristiana Natasha +61 432 106 721
  • Suhendy Jaya +61 401 954 35⁠

Graduating Soon? Donate Your Books Today!



Indonesia Central Statistic Agency states that over 22% of Indonesian that are above 10 years old are not able to read. To aid the alarming education level in Indonesia, Indonesian Students Association in Victoria, Australia (PPIA VIC) is conducting a charity program called Buku Untuk Anak Bangsa (BUAB).

Join us in creating a better education in Indonesia by donating us your books or simply by funding us! 

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