Victoria Cup 2015 – Synergy in Competition

In 23 May 2015, the Victoria Cup was once again being held and it took ‘synergy in competition’ as the theme of the event. The purpose of this event was to maintain the atmosphere of cohesiveness and partnership between PPIA Victoria and its sub-branches in Victoria area. Furthermore, the Victoria Cup also can be utilized by student who owns passion and interest in sport as an arena to show their skills in the sports game that were conducted based on ‘fair play’ concept.


The following PPIA branches that joined the Victoria Cup were: PPIA Holmes Institute, PPIA William Angliss, PPIA Monash, PPIA RMIT, PPIA Swinburne, PPIA Melbourne University, PPIA Deakin and PPIA La Trobe. There are three types of sport that being contested in the event, which were futsal, basketball and also badminton. Those three categories were conducted in three phase; the knockout phase, semifinal and final. Other than futsal, female athletes were participating in basketball and badminton competition. Moreover, the futsal and basketball players who showed an outstanding effort during the competition were given a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.


The badminton competition was held in double-men, single-men and single-women categories. The first place for the double-men category was occupied by Valen and Andi who act as the representative of PPIA Melbourne University while Andi and Khrisna, which also came from PPIA Melbourne University gained the second place. Then, the third place was given to the representative of PPIA La Trobe University; Kevin and Wahyu. In the single-women category, Claudia from PPIA Melbourne University clinched the first place and followed by Evelyn from PPIA RMIT University in the second place. While in the single-man category, the first winner was obtained by Reynard from PPIA Melbourne University and followed by Andre from PPIA RMIT University in the second place.


In women basketball competition, the PPIA RMIT University were crowned as the first winner after defeating the PPIA Melbourne University team. While in the men basketball competition, the first place was gained by PPIA RMIT University A. Then, following in the second and third place were PPIA Melbourne University and Monash University team. Furthermore, Teddy, the player from PPIA RMIT University A team was being named as the Most Valuable Player of the 2015 basketball competition in Victoria Cup.


Moving to the futsal competition, PPIA Melbourne University team was named as the first winner following the win against the team A from PPIA RMIT University. Then, the third place were occupied by the PPIA Holmes Institute team. The Most Valuable Player title for futsal competition was given to Richie Masrin from PPIA Holmes Institute. This year, the event was running successfully. Furthermore, the 2015 Victoria Cup also being supported by PPIA Williams-Angliss Institute, who provided some Indonesian traditional snacks such as risoles, pisang coklat, martabak, toasted bread and etc. Moreover, the PPIA RMIT University also won a back-to-back best supporter award after they also won this category in the 2014 Victoria Cup.


Upon the successfulness of the Victoria Cup 2015, PPIA Victoria would like to send its biggest gratitude and congratulation toward all the winners and participants. We also would like to apologize if there were any mistakes or uncomfortable situation occurred during the event. See you again next year in Victoria Cup 2016!


To view the photo gallery of Victoria Cup 2015, please click the following link.